Touchstones: Provenance of the Stones Book II


The Rideau Lakes mystery continues with Aggie, Drake, Keith and Matt, her girlfriends and neighbours – courageous immigrants all – amidst the harsh wilderness and the industrial landscape of 1850s Province of Canada.

Winter sets upon the land, and neighbours safely harbour Aggie and Drake. The icy froth of rushing spring waters clouds the truth… and the equinox brings with it a gift and a change of heart for Aggie.

“…the moon shall rise and the moon shall fall, but the spring and winter moons foretell all…” went her mum’s tale.

Keith steals away to London with an unwitting companion; Matt’s latest campaign south of the border with the Railroad meets with success and resistance; and lost families reunite.

They all face challenges against uncertain measures…but there is certainty in hope and always reason to give thanks and toast freedom with love, friendship, and family.

Touchstones, is the second book in Patricia Josefchak’s, Provenance of the Stones series.

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ISBN: 978-1-77257-167-7 (PB)

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4 reviews for Touchstones: Provenance of the Stones Book II

  1. Tiffany Yemen

    It was last winter that staff at the Perth Union Library and Patricia Josefchak, a local historic mystery author, met to discuss ideas for a writing workshop that they could offer the community.

    On Saturday, Nov. 4, hosted by the Perth Union Library, Patricia conducted a Creative Tool Kit Presentation/Workshop for a handful of teens and tweens.

    “They love to write and most aspire to be authors … they were truly a pleasure to be with,” Josefchak began, “and Perth’s library is a perfect venue; you’re surrounded by creativity and heritage.

    “Sometimes there’s no lack of love or motivation … sometimes it’s getting past the blank page and finding inspiration. I’m not here to teach how to write, but rather to share a method I’ve used all my life to prompt creativity … a tool, if you like, that a writer can add to their creative tool kit.”

    This presentation/workshop offers such a tool, and sharing her experience is important to Josefchak. “It’s my motivation for putting the time and effort into developing and preparing this workshop. There are two parts. I start with a 45-50 minute presentation where I present the approach and encourage questions and interaction and, then the participants get a chance to try it.”

    And how did it go?

    She replied, “I was very pleased with the results of my efforts and even happier that the group was eager to try and, I think, maybe even a little surprised that they liked the results of their efforts. Some said they would continue to work on the idea they began in the workshop.”

    The next date for the Creative Tool Kit Presentation/Workshop is Saturday, Nov. 18 (noon to 2 p.m.) for adult participants. The course is limited to six participants so that quality time can be spent on discussion, questions and efforts of the workshop.

    And if the Nov. 18 date is full, Josefchak says she’ll be happy to schedule more with the Perth Union Library as often as there is interest. There is no charge … “it’s my way of giving back to my neighbourhood and my community,” she said.

    She and her husband live on Otter Lake and they call the Rideau Lakes ‘home.’ Patricia signed and donated her latest book to the Perth Union Library, just released last week by Burnstown Publishing House (, called Touchstones, Provenance of the Stones, Book II, which is the second in the historic Rideau Lakes mystery series set in 1850s Canada. It’s available at local booksellers and directly from the publisher.

    For more information or to register, please visit contact the library at 613-267-1224 or [email protected].

    Submitted by the Perth Union Library

  2. Tiffany Yemen

    I bought and read your second book, I enjoyed it even more than your first! I can hardly wait for the next book to come out, I am hooked. 
    Thank you for coming to DRS so we can purchase your work
    Lori McRae

  3. Tiffany Yemen

    I just want to let you know how much I have enjoyed your books Provenence of the Stones and Touch Stones! I devoured them over the holidays and the last few weeks! You’ll have to let me know when the next one is out!

    These books had a real personal note for me as my ancestors came over from Ireland & Scotland in the 1850’s and settled in the Kingston area. My family is still there today and when I drive down Hwy 15 now I think of Aggie and all the characters from the book as my ancestors and live vicariously through them.

    Hooked in Stittsville,
    Janet B

  4. Tiffany Yemen

    I wanted to let you know that I have read all of your books before giving them away for gifts I really enjoyed your first series of books and would have liked them to continue to see how the lives of Thea and Frank continued.

    Touchstones was marvelous. Your writing is such that you want to keep on reading, no matter how late into the night, but then you find yourself not wanting to read too fast as you don’t want the book to end. I can hardly wait for Keystones to come out.

    I hope you continue writing. You have such a gift and it is lot of work doing the research that you include like the details inside the cars of the GTR. It would have been a great experience traveling in that period of our history.

    Cathy Livingston

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