A Creative Frame of Mind: A workbook for writers


You’re a writer: aspiring, budding, new, or seasoned. You’re motivated and eager to write, but inspiration is fleeting and a blank page or screen is impatiently staring back at you; in frustration you walk away. Writers have moments like that.

What next? You need “A Creative Frame of Mind…” by Patricia Josefchak

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  1. Tiffany Yemen

    When Patricia Josefchak began conducting her creativity workshop at a local public library last fall, she didn’t expect that not only would she soon have more workshops on her calendar and at more locations, but that she’d have produced a small workbook. A Creative Frame of Mind — A Workbook for Writers has just been published by Burnstown Publishing House. Patricia says, “I’m of the opinion that anyone can write… but there’s something about writing that seems to set it apart from other creative and performing arts, so one of my first messages is letting folks know that there are no rules to creativity. You want to write? Then write!” Josefchak has been writing since she was a child, but says: “it wasn’t until the past few years that I realized I had a technique for moving away from a blank page, and it is a simple and satisfying tool to use. Writers have all sorts of tools in their toolkits, just like artists have brushes and musicians have instruments. My method helps writers to find their inspiration. Inspiration and motivation work best together.” But over and above that, Josefchak realized that getting the message out was her inspiration for the workshop. “I wish someone had handed me this tool decades ago, told me that there are no rules to creativity, and offered up encouragement and messaging that I could actually apply to my writing. So now that I’ve figured it out for myself, I want to share it.” When asked “why write?,” she’s thoughtful for a moment. “I think it’s got to do with legacy… I think everyone wants to leave a little part of themselves behind. I felt this message was important to share…” And now that there is a workbook that captures the essence of the workshop, she can share it with more writers — whether or not they attend the workshop. It’s not a large book (nor is it expensive, at only $10). In it she shares her experience and perspective, and then provides a step-by-step method supported A Creative Frame of Mind by examples and exercises that show you how to find your creative frame of mind. This workbook and her other titles are available directly from Burnstown Publishing House at . Patricia currently has workshops scheduled at Rideau Lakes Library Delta Branch and at Perth Union Library, with a regular schedule of workshops planned for this fall at the SALC (Seniors Activity Living Centre) in Arnprior. You can reach out to her at  for more details about the schedule and locations.

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