My Dream and Beyond A Pilot’s Journey


My Dream and Beyond A Pilot’s Journey by Don McKay

From the time he was five years old, Don McKay wanted to fly. He never let go of that dream. At the age of eighteen, he became one of the youngest people of his time to receive a commercial pilot’s licence. With the Royal Canadian Air Force, Don flew an assortment of airplanes and jets, both in Canada and abroad. The Don joined Air Canada, where he spent many years as first officer and captain, flying all over the world.

Don says, “I accomplished more than I ever thought I would in aviation – 90 miles per hour to 1,400-plus miles per hour; from Fleet Canuck to Boeing 747. It was a young boy’s dream come true.” In stories that are candid, funny, and sometimes sad, Don tells it like it was.

Fly with Don, as he takes you on a wonderful voyage around the world: from Chicago, with it’s exciting parallel runways; to London and Europe; to such exotic destinations as Delhi, Singapore, and Bombay (Now Mumbai), where the crew had to travel in a bus with wire windows to protect them from hand grenades; and on to Seoul, Korea, and Osaka, Japan, where Don survived an earthquake. Put your chair in an upright position and prepare to be educated and highly entertained in My Dreams and Beyond: A Pilot’s Journey.

ISBN: 978-1-77257-212-4 (PB)


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