Leading Business Associations ─ Making Successful Transitions


Leadership of Canada’s business associations is about to undergo enormous change as the Boomers retire.  Richard Paton tells us how to make a successful transition as president of a business association, and how to manage over the longer term.  Drawing from interviews with twenty-six presidents covering 206 years of experience, his book provides insight into the key steps and requirements in the transition process and how to develop and implement an agenda.  He also illustrates the common pitfalls that can undermine the career of a president.  The book also addresses the development requirements for aspiring and existing presidents and the need for the business associations to ensure that they have the leadership expertise to lead business associations in the future.

Richard Paton has created a uniquely relevant and useful book that brings together the experience of a practising association leader with the insights from his teaching and research on the requirements for leading associations.

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