My Canadian Hockey Journey


My Canadian Hockey Journey: Tales From A Career House Leaguer & Retired Hockey Dad by Ken Doran

Canadians love their hockey and it seems most of them have a hockey story or two to tell.

In My Canadian Hockey Journey: Tales from a Career House Leaguer and Retired Hockey Dad, Ken Doran weaves the story of his days as a house league player, a road hockey “sensation” and, later, as an overly-obsessed hockey dad. He mentions the arena arseholes and bleacher buffoons he encountered at the rink, and he also pays homage to the amazing people who make minor hockey a positive experience for our kids.

Most hockey books are written by NHL stars and hall-of-famers, yet the majority of Canadians have only played the game at the recreational level. This is where My Canadian Hockey Journey comes in, to reveal and revile, and mostly to celebrate, what’s really going on in our local arenas.

Of course there are the kids, developing skills, coming back week after week for the fun and the challenge of their beloved game.

And then there are the loud-mouthed parents, the hot-headed coaches, the crazy hockey fathers, from house league to rep, from shinny superstars to over-the-hill huff-n-puffers and a host of memorable television moments.

This book embraces the entire spectrum of our hockey culture. A hockey book that will leave readers feeling like they’ve just been freezing their ass off in a cold arena watching their favourite team, and loving (almost) every minute of it.

Here’s what readers are saying about My Canadian Hockey Journey…

“Very interesting and entertaining and certainly evokes a lot of my own memories. An enjoyable read and nice trip down memory lane.” – Ken R., Guelph, ON

“I enjoyed reading your book as I reflected on my own hockey journey and (my family’s) involvement as parents, trainers, coaches, and managers of hockey teams. Well done!” – Allan R., Listowel, ON

Author Ken Doran has recently been interviewed by Rogers TV.  To view his two interviews please click the links below.
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