Morning of a Thousand Suns


Morning of a Thousand Suns by Wayne Campbell

Canada is out of time.

Disgraced CSIS agent Neill MacLeod is headed for ignominious retirement when the Service grudgingly calls on his refined bloodhound instincts one more time. Find a Belgian nuclear physics prodigy, murderous at heart and capable of building an atomic bomb with the right materials.

When thousands of uranium fuel bundles are stolen from Pickering’s CANDU reactors and a $500 million ransom note is received, the threat of a radiation cloud or worse hangs over an unidentified Canadian city. Tensions arise when MacLeod tries to convince his doubting, duplicitous boss that the plot is far more serious that simple blackmail.

Teamed with a hard-nosed, ambitious Quebecoise Chantal Devlin, MacLeod realizes that elaborate false trails are being laid down to deceive him. In his single-minded race to reveal the shifting plot, he overlooks his own glaring vulnerability. In desperation he goes rogue, beset by personal stresses that include Devlin’s wavering between intimate embrace and cold professionalism, and a recurrent nightmare of his daughter Embeth bathed in the bright white light of a thousand suns.

ISBN: 978-1-77257-371-8 (PB)
ISBN: 978-1-77257-372-5 (eBook) – To be released at a later date


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