Morning of a Thousand Suns


Morning of a Thousand Suns by Wayne Campbell

Morning of a Thousand Suns is, at its heart, a love story immersed in a fast-paced chase to find a fanatical group building an atomic bomb, either to ransom it off for cash or to actually detonate it over a Canadian city.

Sent to find the fanatics are two CSIS agents, Neill MacLeod, a disgraced outsider, and Chantal Devlin, a Québécoise fast-tracking to the top. The unlikely couple are able to resist the glowering menace of the hunt and its terrible emotional pressures, but not each other.

Their shared, primal fear: Canada is out of time.

MacLeod, despite being CSIS’s preeminent sleuth, is unable to convince his designing, power-hungry boss of the danger. All that changes when tons of uranium fuel are discovered to be missing from the Pickering nuclear power station, enough plutonium to make a nuclear weapon. Ransom demands to the Canadian government soon follow.

MacLeod and Devlin realize early that elaborate trails are being laid down to mislead them in their search for the suspect, a Belgian nuclear physics prodigy, murderous at heart and bearing the scars of an earlier crime at the hands of MacLeod.

Though worlds apart in history and ambition, MacLeod and Devlin each find the other deeply attractive in essentials, prevailing even over Devlin’s military-hardened common sense. Their relationship flowers in the building crisis, but it may be a mere oasis sustaining them as the dreaded Armageddon plot plays out to its finale.

Here’s what readers are saying about Morning of a Thousand Suns

I’m almost at the last chapter of your wonderful book. You are such a great writer & the plot is super…keeps me on the edge of my chair so to speak!” 


ISBN: 978-1-77257-371-8 (PB)
ISBN: 978-1-77257-372-5 (eBook) – To be released at a later date


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