Janny: A Woman of Fortitude and Grace


Janny: A Woman of Fortitude and Grace by John Chapman

Battling cancer requires all the fortitude that a person can summon. To do it honourably requires grace. Janny is a journal written from the perspective of a husband who discusses the difficult decisions, medical treatments, and the ongoing struggle to endure. John Chapman openly expresses his own emotions as he summoned his own fortitude – for Janny and their family.

“John W. Chapman’s Janny is a love letter for the ages. But it is also much more. It is a deep and compassionate look at dealing with sickness within the family, of dealing with the complications of the medical world, of dealing with one’s own unpredictable roller coaster of emotions. It is a self-help manual, an instruction manual – and a manual for the secrets of life-long love.” Roy MacGregor

“I’ve known John for over 30 years. He’s a tough man and a legendary coach in the world of hockey. I used to think John was the toughest Chapman until I met his wife, Jan. To watch them go through this horrendous, despicable disease was horrible but to see their love and compassion for each other was truly a sight to be seen. This book is a tremendous love story, for all ages. It is a testament of how good people battle and fight with dignity and grace, a battle that couldn’t be won.” Paul Holmgren

Janny is deeply touching and heartfelt – a poignant read that captures Jan’s courage and grace. It will touch every one of your emotions.” Paul Henry, Sports Psychologist


ISBN: 978-1-77257-365-7 (PB)
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