Ice Cream Stories about Dad


Eleven-year-old Peter completely charms us with some of his earliest memories about growing up in Edmonton in the 1950s and ’60s, in Ice Cream Stories about Dad, by Peter Paproski.

Already an aspiring writer at that age, Peter receives his first typewriter and decides to “write down what I think is kinda special about my Dad. Maybe after I do that for a while I’ll do the same about Mom. Then maybe I’ll write about my family or friends…” And so he does – and his dad is very special indeed.

Peter grows under the gentle guidance of his dad, whom Peter calls “the best ever ice cream guy.” These stories bring us back to our own best – sometimes crazy and often bittersweet – times with our parents, siblings, and friends. Peter writes of his early family life with his father, Steve Paproski, who was (after the period of this book) elected to the House of Commons, representing various constituencies in Edmonton from 1968-1993.

What readers say:

…It’s like a love letter and a thank-you gift for your Dad…it’s wonderful… like a warm toasted peanut butter sandwich

…Loved the sex talk…Brought me right back…Readers get reacquainted with themselves.

…I can just imagine Peter’s Mom and Dad dancing in the kitchen…I was intrigued by the old scratchy black and white photos.

…It transported me to when I was a child…the way Dad is described…I would have loved him!

…Very revealing of a kid who doesn’t fit in…achieved in a subtle, not in-your-face way. It’s the combined effect that is the beauty of this collection.


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