Wing to Wing: Inspiration for Dealing with Life’s Adversities

Arch Haslett as a younger man was a marathon runner, swimmer, and snorkeller; he was a hiker and outdoorsman. Suddenly, struck down by a series of debilitating illnesses, Arch’s life changes dramatically and becomes focused on healing.

He explores some unusual modalities over the years in his quest for healing. Some of these take him to faraway places, where often he finds just the person, place, or message he needs at the time.

Arch forms a wondrous attachment to a small orange and white puppy. He is supported in all his efforts to heal by his wife, Patty. Together, the two of them save his life.

This is a truly mystical tale of dealing with serious illness; of spiritual evolution; of never losing hope.

It is also a love story, written by this man who was so ill, about the woman who cared enough to stand by him to fly with him, wing to wing.

And, best of all, it is true.

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