The Wine of Kings Book I – Home


The Wine of Kings Book I – Home by Patricia Josefchak

It’s 1880s Upper Hungary, a land with an emperor and a king — Franz Joseph. Over the course of history, the land didn’t change — just the conquerors and their level of brutality.

When Natasia, a young peasant woman, and her fellow villagers hear the alarm, they quickly make their way to the cellars in the mountain slopes surrounding Shuska, their small vineyard village; cellars initially dug in the days of the Tatar invasions that still served as protection from raiding hordes. They pray that their grape harvest will not be destroyed; they have no other commerce except their wine.

A band of gypsies brings with them news, rumours, and wondrous music. Their arrival raises suspicions among some of the villagers and stirs fantasy in others. But the welcome celebration is not all romance and dance; there is word of tragedy on the wind and whispers of a land — a hope-filled land where all are ruled by laws, not by force.

ISBN: 978-1-77257-339-8 (PB)
ISBN: 978-1-77257-340-4 (eBook) To be released at a later date

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