Great Turtle Island


Sister and brother Aurora and Blake spend their summers in unique surroundings in Great Turtle Island by Deirdre McCabe–Berardi.

During the school year, the twins live on the mainland and experience typical childhood and adolescent life. Their father is a professor at a nearby university, and their mother is a former ballerina who teaches dance. We hear of so many dysfunctional families that this family story is like a walk in the fresh air. The parents are kind and understanding, and the children thrive.

When summer arrives, they all move to the Island, where they have a summer home. There are swimming, biking, picnics, summer friends, and, when the twins are old enough, summer jobs. The author takes us through happy and sad times, successes and disappointments … and paints a portrait of a truly successful family life.

ISBN: 978-77257-151-6 (PB)

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