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Dave is a naturally funny man. Here he is showing his “musical genius” by playing the “Ugly Stick” in Newfoundland while celebrating his and Anne’s sixty years of marriage in 2017.

PS: Looks good but actually he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Dave Thompson was born in Belfast, N. Ireland, in 1935. As a child he experienced the bombing raids of the war when the targets were the shipyard and the aircraft factory. Later, he worked as an engineer in the same shipyard.

He and his wife, Anne, moved to Deep River, Ontario, where Dave worked for Atomic Energy of Canada as an engineer on the reactors that provided the research necessary to build the power reactors that give Ontario over 50 percent of its electricity. He retired in 1998 as the director of (Research) Reactor Operations.

He and Anne still live in Deep River where they raised their two children and where their six grandchildren love to come and play.