Jane Shelley

ORIGINALLY FROM A farm in Waterford, Ontario, M. Jane Shelley was self-employed in the flower business in Toronto and the coin machine business in Parry Sound and northern territories. She went back to school for five years at the age of forty, attending two junior colleges and the California Maritime Academy.
Jane served as an officer on a variety of ships: container ships, carriers, LASH-ships, and navy research vessels, working her way up from a third mate’s licence to obtaining her masters licence. She served her last seven years before retirement on the Maersk Alabama as chief mate; this was the ship that was hijacked by Somali pirates in 2009, as portrayed in the movie Captain Phillips.
Retired in 2015, Jane now resides in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada.

CO-WRITER STEVEN DUFF leads a multiple existence as a writer, musician, artist, and avid sailor, following a thirty-two-year career in music education. From Peonies to Pirates is the eighth book he has either written or contributed to. He lives in Parry Sound, Ontario, on Georgian Bay and has sailed, usually solo, on all the Great Lakes; but Georgian Bay is the firm favourite.