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Elizabeth Radmore was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and immigrated to Canada in 1951 with her parents, Molly and James McKnight, and her two brothers, James and George. Her father was originally destined for Leduc, Alberta, but when he stopped in Ottawa to see his sister-in-law, Jean Potter, a builder, whom he met in a bar, offered him a job. As he had a young family on the verge of joining him in Canada, he felt the wiser choice was to accept the offer, rather than continue to Alberta and an uncertain future.
The rest, as they say, is history. It was touch going at first, but the young family thrived in this very different country, yet one that offered them opportunity.
Elizabeth resides in Stittsville, Ontario, with her husband, Dave Norton, her precious yellow lab, Sophie, and her mischievous, but loveable cat, Chloe. She has three children, Jason Radmore, Natalie Radmore-Travis, and Rachel Radmore, all residing in Ottawa. She is also blessed with ten grandchildren.
In addition to writing, Elizabth’s artistic talents encompass a vast array of visual work, including watercolours, oil and acrylic painting, hand-painted silk scarves, and wearable art.

Author Titles:
Cushla – Memoirs of a Reluctant Gypsy Girl
Cushla – Gypsy Spirit
Cushla – Almost Magic
Lilith – A Story of Courage and Determination