With All My Love


With All My Love written by Greg Lubimiv and Juliette Turcotte.  Illustrations by Helen Schruder

The mental health and wellbeing of our children, particularly since the COVID-19 epidemic, has become an increasing concern for parents, educators and professionals. Anxiety, self-regulation, depression, relationship skills and self-esteem are just a few of the issues of concern.

The research is compelling and when the strong relationship between handwriting and resilience became clear to Greg and Julie, the idea to write a book to encourage children to write letters was born. Unfortunately, the use of handwriting to connect with others has largely been replaced by technology.

Through this book you can witness the impact of writing on children; the delight they have in creating and mailing letters plus their excitement of receiving them is a magical experience.

ISBN: 978-1-77257-395-4 (PB)
Published December 2023


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