Walking between the Worlds ─ Book Two


Through a series of interactive home-based retreats, Judith Campbell guides her reader into the essential relationship between physical and mental/emotional health and spiritual liberation.

In this book set, you will uncover many surprises about yourself through a variety of activities
and discussions. You will also confirm many suspicions that will serve to awaken you to an awareness of a healthier and more balanced way of living and walking in this world … a way of consciously learning to walk between the worlds of physical and spiritual reality. All of this is offered through the spiritual lens of Reiki as it intersects with the elements of nature and the human energy system.

In Book Two, you will resume the retreats you enjoyed in Book One, starting with retreat four—the heart chakra and the air element— and concluding with the seventh chakra and one’s relationship with the Universe and Divine Mind. Ever encouraging you to “stop holding
on,” Judith guides you—at your own speed—to learn to trust again so you can live meaningfully, peacefully, and joyfully as you comfortably walk between the worlds on your healing journey with your spirit.

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Author Titles:
Walking Between the Worlds ─ Book One
Energy Wellness
I Brake for Butterflies
The Caregiver’s Companion



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