Walking Between the Worlds ─ Book One

Reserve time in your busy schedule to take care of YOU! Turn your reading corner into a soothing retreat! Perhaps light a candle, infuse a favourite essential oil, turn off your communication devices, play some quiet meditation music, have something warm to drink, wrap yourself in a comfy shawl or blanket, put your feet up … and settle in.

Through a series of interactive home-based retreats using the healing potential of Reiki, relaxation, insightful words, guided meditations, and reflective exercises, Judith will help you to liberate your spirit as you make time for your “self.” You will awaken to a healthier and more balanced way of living and walking in this world … a way of consciously learning to walk between the worlds of physical and spiritual reality.

Offered through the spiritual lens of Reiki as it intersects with the elements of nature and the human energy system, Book One contains a preliminary discussion about Reiki plus the first three of seven home-based retreats. This book will appeal to the questioning mind, whether or not you are familiar with Reiki. Relax and enjoy!

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Author Titles:
Walking Between the Worlds ─ Book Two
Energy Wellness
I Brake for Butterflies
The Caregiver’s Companion


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