Ushering in Heaven ─ A Psychiatrist’s Prescription for Healing, Joy, and Spiritual Awakening

This is a book about transformation.

We all yearn to be free, live a joyous life and reach our highest potential, yet something holds us back. We keep searching for answers outside us in the world of form and yet the Heaven we seek is always within us. It is through grace we take a U-turn within and realize the Self, the source of all love, peace, and joy.

A psychiatrist and mystic, the author has offered a synthesis of key transformative insights from different spiritual traditions, his own spiritual journey, and practical wisdom gleaned from over thirty years of clinical practice.

With practical tips, reflective questions, and simple meditative exercises, you will be able to:

  • Dive deep within and gracefully blossom in consciousness like a flower, petal by petal
  • Understand the ways of the ego and transcend it by witnessing rather than identifying with it
  • Expand in awareness and respond to life with acceptance, kindness, and compassion
  • Dissolve pain and suffering through forgiveness and unconditional love for self and others
  • Grow in wisdom and maturity through self-reflection
  • Learn to live in the Here and Now
  • Create a spiritual life that suits your unique temperament and personality
  • Manifest abundance in all areas of your life with effortless ease
  • Practise the art of conscious healing of body and mind
  • Experience peace and harmony within yourself and in your relationships
  • Realize that love, peace, and joy is the nature of the Self
  • Discover your life purpose and let your light shine

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