Triple Sex & Other Tales From An Ambassador’s Wife


Triple Sex & Other Tales From An Ambassador’s Wife by Carol Bujeau

On the drive from the airport [upon landing in Accra], I took in our new surroundings. The energy was everywhere: thumping bass music, people on stools at small outdoor food carts, children darting through the crowds. I inhaled the air, revelling in the smell of fried fish, spices and tomatoes, mixed with diesel fuel and the hint of an ocean breeze. This was what exoticism smelled like, I decided, and I was instantly addicted.

For more than three decades, Carol Bujeau accompanied her diplomat husband around the world, as he climbed the Canadian foreign service ladder. From Barbados to Indonesia, Ghana to New York, these memoirs relate the many cultural and diplomatic challenges she faced as wife, mother, and “spouse of,” with humour, if not always aplomb.

Carol Bujeau tells a terrific story with verve and perception. If Bridget Jones had been a diplomat or diplomat’s spouse — and thank the Lord she wasn’t — some of these anecdotes would certainly have featured in her diaries. But the fun and the farce are only elements of a thoughtful and fascinating narrative demonstrating Carol’s tremendous commitment to representing Canada and supporting her long-suffering and impressively resilient husband, in a succession of demanding and very different postings. Many diplomatic couples move through their assignments making modest impact. No one would ever accuse Carol and John, when he got a word in, of that. They represented Canada enviably well, as this lively book demonstrated.” — Sir David Reddaway, former British High Commisioner to Canada and Ambassador to Ireland and Turkey

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