Tidbits! … not Doughnut Holes ─ Little Bites of Innovative Canadian History


This is a fascinating collection of short pieces about Canadian firsts, ranging from Canada’s first Potter’s Field through technical developments and inventions like Sonar and the variable pitch aircraft propeller, to Canada’s first female winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The collection is presented in chronological order from 33 to 2014 CE, which contributes a historical context to each innovation while maintaining a sense of the eclectic range of Canadian originality and achievement.

“I am so fortunate to have been born in the great country of Canada. . . .I have chosen this avenue to acclaim the inventive and imaginative people of this great nation, from Iglulik to Joe Batt’s Arm, Yellowknife to Dog Creek. . . . I hope these “Tidbits” of information serve to highlight the many innovations that have helped advance humankind and sparked further invention across Canada and the globe.

Unlike myself, Canadians are not known for boasting, but they have every right to be proud of the many far-reaching achievements described in this book. As a Canadian, I am passionate about righting historical misrepresentations and promoting those inventions that are not acknowledged in mainstream literature.

Many Tidbits remain unsung, but I am happy to have consolidated some of them within one cover. I hope that you enjoy learning about Canadians and their achievements.”

Wayne Tremblay

Pick it up for a quick fix of fact and inspiration; mine it for conversation starters; marvel at the depth and range of Canadian ingenuity. Amaze your friends with Tidbits that are tastier than trivia and more substantial than doughnut holes.

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