This Is Marjorie


This Is Marjorie Taking the Lion’s Share by William Smith.

For more than seventy years, Bill Smith was fortunate to have a very special mother. He was the eldest of five children. Her family knew hardship growing up, living on a small farm through the twenties and thirties, the era of the Great Depression. World War II brought better times for Marge, first a job in the city, and later, meeting the love of her life. The farm boy she married was still a teenager, nineteen years old. Together, they took over the family farm and successfully operated it until their retirement, when one of their sons took over.

Bill’s dad passed away first. His mom continued her very active life in her own home until her ninety-third year. Her final two years were spent in a seniors’ residence. Her mind was good until the end. She continued to spread her warmth over everyone she met. In short, she was a remarkable woman who lived successfully through a time period of unparalleled change.

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“The love of the first born-son for Marge, their special mother, shines through in every paragraph. Bill’s biography of her life, with her very giving nature and sweet personality, shows the whole woman, and what one rural lady and mother can contribute to family and friends.” Larry Harris, author of Escape to Honour and Castrato

“This Is Marjorie is an enjoyable and heartfelt portrayal of a mother’s life and the effect it had on those closest to her. The pictures and narration capture another time when lives were harder, yet simpler in so many ways.” Jackson Campbell, author of In the Boxcar Behind and In Order to Survive

ISBN: 978-1-77257-260-5 (PB)

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