The Underling


Ottawa, Canada, 1934. Seventeen-year old Frances McFadden is plucked from the tedium of school routine and the control of a domineering mother to work for the new Bank of Canada as a secretary. Like many hard-working women of her generation, she comes to wield tremendous power without any of the trappings of authority. Many noble acts, some skinnydipping.

In late August 1939, Frances is sent on a secret mission to Warsaw, where the Polish gold reserves tempt a rapacious neighbour.

The Underling is Ian McKercher’s first novel. It’s an example of old-fashioned story-telling in the tradition of Somerset Maugham. The story is plot driven and unfolds in chronological order. The characters are imperfect but likeable.

The story is set in Ottawa in the 1930s. The language and tone reflect those times.

The Underling is not based on a true story although it deals with historical characters and some real events.

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Author’s other Titles:  The Incrementalist


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