The Telling Stones: The Crossroads Book II


The Telling Stones The Crossroads Book II by Patricia Josefchak

The final novel in the Stones Series from Patricia Josefchak!

In the wilderness of 1850s Canada, men and women share the load of life, survival…and death. Men do the heavy lifting and hunting and protect them from the wildest of beasts; but even the gentlest of men can be dangerous. Women keep the homestead and the family. They need each other; they work together. They do their best, but sometimes it’s not good enough. Some things just can’t be undone…

What do the cryptic rhymes of her tale portend? Does a small pouch of stones provide a nod to the past?…A traveller’s journal a wink to the future? Does the spill of a teacup harken fortunate news?…or just leave a puddle on the table? Can the colour of lemon yellow bring sunshine into their lives or does it blind reality? And does conceit reveal the simple truth to a young boy?

What awaits Aggie and her friends just down the road? Which direction do they choose? Decisions are made and futures determined in The Telling Stones — The Crossroads, a mystery set in a land that these immigrants now call home.

ISBN: 978-1-77257-301-5 (PB)
ISBN: 978-1-77257-302-2 (eBook) To be released at a later date

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