The Royal Reprobate


The Royal Reprobate True Tales from the Wilderness (The Funny Side of Life) by Paton Lodge Lindsay

The Royal Reprobate is a companion book to King of Algonquin Park and The King’s Ransom. This third book is a compilation of more true stories of the exceptional and well-known wilderness man Joseph Emmett Chartrand, who became a legend in his own time. He struggled from childhood to survive in the remote, rugged wilderness that is Algonquin Park.

He was a man from a different time; it was as though he has stepped right out of the pages of a history book…as though he was his voyageur ancestor returned from the past, reincarnated, and “beamed-up” to the present.

The buck-skin clad trapper stood quietly at the shore, one foot in his canoe, pack and rifle slung over one shoulder, and, as he leaned on the paddle, looked like an old land baron surveying his wilderness kingdom. He was a real man among men; the icon of what a real man was and should be: self-sufficient and beholden to no one; roughly hewn and ruggedly handsome. It was rumoured this Clark Gable look-alike was born in a canoe in a snowstorm.

You won’t get through this book without a lot a laughter and years as the old Royal Reprobate of a trapper and the young “Citiot” of a girl share some of their stories “from the funny side of life.”

ISBN: 978-1-77257-296-4 (PB)
ISBN: 978-1-77257-297-1 (eBook)

What readers are saying about The Royal Reprobate….

“I finished your book. An excellent love story, told with love ,history ,funny and very interesting. Your history was well told, to the point I lived in your home (cabin ). I rode in your canoe, the way you describe the area . It`s beauty, the history behind each trip. Walking or riding ,or in the canoe. I enjoyed the way you opened up and told your and The Kings love story. Your total love story, the good and bad .  The love that was held between you. Both ,your sharing, laughter and what ever came along with it. I enjoyed this book the best and what girl doesn’t like a real love story. Will read it again .  Thank you”  – Mary

“I have just finished reading and rereading sections of your book, which is not only intensely interesting, and is a wonderful and heartfelt tribute to Emmett, (Trapper), but also evokes feelings of how fulfilling your life in nature has been. Never having lived in a situation where complete self reliance is all, but, having lived and managed our farm, land and livestock for many years – that taught me, of necessity, to step up and make it work.  It made me very strong and resilient and never to give in – qualities that I know you have in abundance. Thank you so much for the gift of your book.  I treasure it.” – Chris









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