Ten Roads: Stories of Paths Taken


Ten Roads: Stories of Paths Taken by Robert John Christy

On the day we are born, we start a journey along a road…our life. Like many roads, as we all know, it’s condition will vary over time…smooth sailing with sunshine and calm breezes; potholes; washouts; steep climbs; and, hopefully, through wonderful scenic landscapes.

These ten stories, about “roads” travelled by people as they lived their lives, are for your entertainment. But they might challenge you to look beyond what you think you see in each. They could raise questions for you, too:

“What’s the real story here?”
“Am I in this story?”
“Am I One of the characters?”
“Am I Just a spectator; a fly on the wall?”
“Why am I here?”

You will need to read the collection to find out!

ISBN: 978-1-77257-325-1 (PB)

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