Richmond’s Got Spirit! Two Hundred Years of Building Community 1818-2018


Richmond is a village best known for its annual fall fair and the now departed Richmond Bakery. But this 200-year-old village, located in the southwestern part of what is now the city of Ottawa, also has a unique history that reveals building community at its best.

As author John Curry describes in this book, building community has been going on in Richmond since the very first settlers in 1818. These disbanded British soldiers arrived at Richmond’s wilderness site and started building, not only log shelters but also the beginnings of a community. This saw the establishment of schools, churches, mills, businesses, and organizations, giving people a chance to live, work, and play together. The spirit that generated this has continued down through the years, with today’s residents taking great pride in the community they are continuing to build.

The response to the Ice Storm of ’98 is one example showing how vibrant, engaged and caring this community had become. It’s a spirit that author Curry portrays as he writes not only about Richmond’s institutions, organizations, and events but also about some of the people who have made this all happen. Feel the spirit as you read this book!

ISBN: 978-1-77257-222-3 (PB)

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