Murder in the Glen


Death and deception, passion and piety. Essential ingredients for a good mystery, but disturbing when delivered up close to home. However, murder shuns no neighbourhood ─ not even pastoral Glengarry County in eastern Ontario ─ as first-time novelist, Bob Leroux, so expertly points out in Murder in the Glen.

Twenty years ago, Big Charlie Belisle left his home, his marriage, and his past for good ─ or so he thought. Then his cousin is killed and the police don’t seem to be looking too hard for the killer, or so his aunt says. Charlie begs off, saying a long ago stint as a military policeman doesn’t qualify him to interfere. But no sooner does he hang up the phone than his ex-wife calls, and Charlie finds himself agreeing to return, if only to pay his respects.

A lot can change in a small eastern Ontario town over time, but a lot can stay the same, too, especially in Glengarry County. Memories go back generations, and looking after your own is a family duty ─ no matter what the law says. Charlie is reminded of this fact constantly as he reacquaints himself with the places and people of his youth. It doesn’t help make things clearer, either, that Charlie’s best friend from school days could also be involved, is spending time with his ex-wife, and just happens to be the chief of police.

Soon the stench of drugs, violence, and corruption begins to emanate from every rock that Charlie turns over. But with everyone warning Charlie to mind his own business-from the bishop on down to the local smugglers-can he find the truth? And can he accept it, without hurting the ones he loves?


Author’s other titles:

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