Loyalty by Susan Taylor-Meehan

The heroine, Jane Davis, tells us how a simple favour for a friend drew her into the scandal that changed the world…her story takes us from an exciting new job in wartime Ottawa and a brand new group of friends – including a storybook romance – to a shocking Soviet defection and the onset of the Cold War. She has to juggle the shifting loyalties of friends, colleagues, and even family members and learn how to avoid the pitfalls and dangers of the world of spies and their secrets.

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Loyalty follows newly hired public servant Jane Davis through the labyrinth of Cold War Ottawa. The story is well told, and fast-paced with believable characters and richly detailed settings that transport the reader back to 1940s Ottawa – where dull bureaucratic buildings hide layers of intrigue, and games of the highest order play out. It is a time and place where nothing is as it appears, and Susan Taylor Meehan gives us a strong, sympathetic main character who must grapple with uncertainties and constantly changing facts, all the while struggling with hard choices that will have dire effects on those she most cares about. Loyalty is a moreish read, with enough unexpected plot twists to keep the reader flipping pages all the way through to its thrilling conclusion. FIVE STARS!” – Darren Jerome, author of Lower Town


ISBN: 978-1-77527-369-5 (PB)

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