by Elizabeth Radmore

Tying the apron around my waist, I noticed on the left-hand side were the numbers eight-six-two stamped in black ink. “From this day forward,” Sister Martha explained, “you will be known by that number. Names are insignificant here and, therefore, are not used. Follow me, eight-six-two, and I will take you to your assigned bed. You will start work in the laundry immediately.”

This place was a nightmare, worse than the gypsy camp. It was a prison with cruel, sadistic guards. I’d have to get away.

If it wasn’t for bad luck, Lilith Connolly would have no luck at all. Born to star-crossed lovers just after the First World War, she and her sister fi nd themselves living with gypsies after the untimely death of their mother. Left by their father to fend for themselves, Lilith narrowly escapes with her life, only to befall a possibly worse fate: incarceration at the notorious Magdalene Laundry in Dublin. Drawing on a well of courage and determination she didn’t know she had, Lilith strives to make her way in a world that has trouble seeing past the fact that she is young, female, Irish, and alone.

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