Light Behind the Darkness: Stories of Compassion from the Holy Land


Light behind the Darkness: Stories of Compassion from the Holy Land by Raouf Omar and Claude Weil

RAOUF OMAR and CLAUDE WEIL have together compiled stories of their experiences during a conflict that is at the very forefront of the world’s consciousness. Weil is an Israeli Jew and Omar is a Palestinian – two men who have developed a trusted friendship in Canada and who have become soul brothers. They have each experienced acts of compassion – in the most unlikely places and at the most unlikely times.

From the Foreword by David O. Ellis: “In a world increasingly subject to incompatible ideologies, warfare, global pandemics, and human suffering, the gift of human compassion is more essential than ever. Nurturing one’s spirit is equally as important as health, food, and security. To be the recipient of an act of compassion forever changes one’s soul and enhances the fellowship of humanity.”

We think of soldiers as being hard, impersonal, and rough; even insensitive. But here we learn that they can be “tough, but oh, so gentle.” They can become captivated by a sunset or a desert flower; by a child, an old man, a beautiful woman. They can be capable of acts of compassion.

These tender, uplifting stories will squeeze your heart.

ISBN: 978-1-77257-158-5 (PB)

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