LEGACY: Stories to Tell My Daughters Before I Die


LEGACY: Stories to Tell My Daughters Before I Die written by Bill Adams


GO TO WORK HAPPY AND COME HOME TIRED: This mantra was Bill Adams’ sustaining principle through 32 years of service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

From his start as a uniformed constable in small Manitoba communities and culminating as the Superintendent in charge of the Serious and Organized Crime Intelligence Branch in Headquarters Ottawa, his years were marked by personal and professional challenges that were sometimes thrilling, occasionally frightening, often tragic but never dull.

Bill’s legacy within the RCMP and the Canadian public is less about his individual accomplishments and more about his loyalty to the organization and his fellow officers, his empathy for those whose lives he intersected through the fate and circumstance of life, and the mentoring that he freely gave to the succeeding generation with the RCMP.

Always the optimist, Bill perhaps makes light of the sometimes-adverse impacts of a career in law enforcement on officers and their loved ones. He celebrates the role of his family in keeping him focused on what matters most. He modestly relates the occasions in his career that clearly called on deep resources of physical courage, but it is the moments of moral courage that shine through.

Click the link to read the book review recently written in the RCMP Quarterly  Legacy – Quarterly Book Review

What readers are saying about Legacy…

“Bill Adams’ stories about his policing experiences are stories about life as seen through the police lens. His renditions are full of human emotion, tragedy, triumph, interspersed with humour and empathy. I would encourage anyone who has ever worn a badge, or is thinking of a career in law enforcement to give Bill’s book a read.” – Rod Keeping, retired RCMP

“I just finished reading your book and enjoyed it very much. Your honesty and candor were refreshing….Your stories were interesting, insightful and made for a good read. Thanks for sharing your experiences.” – Fred Leibel

“Your book is not a quick read; have to pay attention, rife with details, meaty.” – Martin Fallon

“I have already read Bill’s book. It is an excellent story of a Mountie as he progresses from the small Prairie town to management in HQ. I enjoyed it and recommend it.” – Tim McNeil

“Just finished your book yesterday and have to say how much I enjoyed the read.  A friend and I had coffee a few weeks ago and he told me that I would not be able to put it down once I started to read your book.  He was right. I thoroughly enjoyed your book but more importantly, it told a story of the challenges life presents and how we deal with those challenges.You did a great job to capture and highlight your early days in the RCMP and latter days in HQ.” – S.Devlin

“Just finished recently your book which I truly enjoyed and brought back many memories of my own from being an (Auxiliary Constable in Alberta) for the past 32 years and proud to have supported and worked with so many members over the years and have stayed in contact with as well.” – Ted Sherring

“Excellent book. Actually my daughter could relate to several stories as it happened in northern Manitoba. She even remembered some of the events that we lived through after 36 years in the RCMP. Great book Bill.” – Francois Henri

“…just finished your book. To be honest, I really wondered if it would hold my attention when I first started reading it…..then could not put it down!” – C. Woods

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