King of Algonquin Park


Back in print! March 2018

The old trapper and the young woman from the city spar over their very different lifestyles in King of Algonquin Park by Paton Lodge Lindsey.

She wanted to learn more about trapping and living off the land; he was her father’s best friend and was willing to oblige. Neither was aware that they had begun a long road to romance. Along the way, the author learns how to make her own canoe; how to tell when a beaver house is occupied; which mushrooms are edible; and many other useful ways and means to live without supermarkets and big box stores.

She also learns that trapping is actually a good way to cull animal populations that could become threatening to each other if they were left to nature. The traps are humane, and the trapper is careful to trap only mature animals. The book ends with a wonderful Scottish wedding in which the trapper wears a kilt . . . just that once.

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