With his fifteen minutes of fame and royalty cheques long since run out, ’70s rock star Poet Springs now spends his days locked in his suburban basement trying desperately to avoid both sobriety and gainful employment. It would seem that every time Poet ventures forth in the real world, terrible things happen. He’s hounded by an international female revenge cult, threatened by ex-mental patients turned kickboxing champions, and, all too often, he winds up in the emergency ward with minor brain damage as a result of coming in a distinct second in various fistfights. Which may or may not explain the sudden barrage of flashbacks from his wacky band days…

But if Poet’s past weren’t crazy enough, his present troubles are just beginning. Take his wife, Erika, who has come up with the crazy idea that Poet should get out of the basement and get a job! Which begs the question: You can take the boy out of rock ‘n’ roll, but can you ever take the rock ‘n; roll out of the boy?

As a member of the seminal country rock band the Cooper Brothers, Richard Cooper brings his own real-life experiences to Jukebox, a comedic rock ‘n’ roll saga that offers a rare glimpse into the music business the way it really was in its glory days.


“When it comes to the dark side of the music industry, not only does Richard Cooper know what he’s talking about, but the voice he uses is graceful, clever, and frequently laugh-out-loud funny.” – Paul Quarrington, author of Whale Music

“Often hilarious, occasionally poignant, and always a riveting read with punchy dialogue, wacky characters, and off-the-wall anecdotes. From opening to closing chapters, Jukebox plays with a constant ring of authenticity.” – Chris Cobb, Senior Staff Writer, Ottawa Citizen


ISBN: 978-1-926962-37-5 (PB)
ISBN: 978-1-77257-247-6 (Ebook)

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