In the Line of Duty ─ Volume II: From Fort Macleod to Mayerthorpe


In the Line of Duty—Volume II, (including a 24 page full colour tribute to the Mayerthorpe Memorial Service) by Robert Knuckle, is a companion volume to In the Line of Duty: The Honour Roll of the RCMP Since 1873.

The book begins by recapping in short all the bios from Volume I, which begins with the accidental death of Sub/Cst. John Nash in 1873, and ends with the accidental highway death of Cst. Christopher Riglar in 1991. There follows a continuation of the Honour Roll in the form of longer bios, starting with Cst. Gerald Bresee in 1990, and ending with the Mayerthorpe murders in 2005.

Reading this, we will no longer take for granted the presence of the Mounties, who lay their lives on the line every day. We will be amazed by how easy it is for even strong, young people to be struck down in their prime as we read about murder, both premeditated, as in Mayerthorpe, and unpremeditated; accidental drowning; and highway accidents, which seem to occur more and more frequently.

It must be noted that the RCMP Honour Roll is more than just a series of personal disasters. The tales of those on the RCMP Honour Roll can help us understand the story of Canada.

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