I Mind the Time Before I Was Born



He has done it again! Brent Connelly has put his two fingers to the keyboard to produce his fourth book to share more tales of some of the amazing folks he has known working as a forester in his beloved Algonquin Park and living in various Ottawa Valley communities.  You’ll meet Bruce Armitage, a master fiddler; B.R. Campbell, an ace pilot; and Jean Cochran, a remarkable farm lady and the best hired man her father-in-law ever had.

Not one to pull punches, Brent comes right out and tells us about what happened the two times he and his wife, Heather, were stranded in Marquette, Michigan, and you’ll learn about the time he and a work colleague made their way—uninvited—into the dressing room of the Ottawa Senators’ hockey team.

And then there is the episode of the Algonquin flying moose; an incident on the set of a movie filmed in Algonquin Park; and even a murder—“outbacka” Quyon, Quebec. You’ll hear the voices uttering I mind the time before I was born coming through on every page.

This is Brent’s latest collection of stories from his treasure trove of Valley lore. Enjoy!

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