How to Stitch a Chicken


How to Stitch a Chicken by Mark Van Dusen

A chance to dive hammer-and-saw into the Van Dusen family’s adventure-a-minute odyssey to save a storied old farm.

The way is often blocked by a steady stream of scream-worthy obstacles but, through laughter and never-say-die nerve, the Van Dusens motor on until From Swamp and Shanty Farm again stands proud. The fun really takes off with the arrival of each new animal that scurries, scratches and waddles its way into the family’s already hectic lives. Among these characters, there’s Lazy, the stoic star of the title, Bronco, the gang-busters goat and Chuckles the spa-loving pig.

Wild animals too. Snowy, the long-distance voyager; Fluffy, the peeping-Tom. And Smokey, the accidental chimney sweep.

Comedy mixes with hard reality. The production of clean, nutritious food often involves sad goodbyes. The potential of the surrounding wild world to survive at times seems eggshell thin.

How to Stitch a Chicken is a compassionate, joyful and enduring retelling of one family’s reckless reboot as first-time farmers. The learn from the animals in surprising and perilous ways.  Readers will be inspired by the overcoming of odds and the regeneration of the environment in their own backyard.

ISBN: 978-1-77257-363-3 (PB)
ISBN: 978-1-77257-364-0 (eBook) – To be released at a later date

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