Holy Hockey: The Story of Canada’s Flying Fathers



The Flying Fathers Hockey Club began in 1964 in North Bay, Ontario. A group of priests from the North were brought together to play a team from local radio station CFCH to raise funds for local charities. It was a huge success, drew more than 3,000 fans, and was the talk of the community. As some of the priests said, “It was better than bingo.”

The following year, they broke the attendance record at North Bay’s Memorial Gardens, drawing 5,300 fans. They were joined by Pembroke Diocese priest Father Pat Blake, who remained with the team until its forty-fifth year. Through those years, they travelled across Canada, into the USA, and to Europe. These “Globetrotters of hockey” had an audience with the Pope, compiled more than 900 wins, and lost only a handful of games. They raised more than $4 million for charity, not to mention the sheer joy and laughter they brought to their audiences with their hilarious antics on the ice, “playing and praying for a better world.”

And it was at times hilarious. Read about the many ways a goal could be scored, some worth six points! If you saw them in action, you’ll have a smile on your face as you remember their antics. And, if this is the first time you’ve been introduced to the Flying

Fathers, the chuckles and outright laughter will be worth the price of the book. Enjoy!

ISBN: 978-1-77257-187-5

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