Heading Home Prayers for the Rest of the Journey


Heading Home Prayers for the Rest of the Journey written by Kenneth O. Robinson

Imagine that you are sitting on a bench with various images of your Creator, Friend, Source of life — within whispering distance. I sincerely believe the Holy One is within whispering distance, and that something of the Divine is within each one of us, ready to connect. You are perhaps getting on in years and you have some problems. So you begin to whisper a prayer or two…

This small volume is a collection of such whisperings by one who has been living well past his best-before-date, travelling on almost empty. Chances are you will find more than one prayer here to suit your own situation. And Ken invites you to add your own prayers to his as you travel along.

What readers are saying about Heading Home…

“In Heading Home Ken Robinson has written a series of fascinating vignettes that reflect his own thoughtful and perceptive assessment of his own responses to the passing years. Our own reflections and memories are stirred as we read and it is indeed difficult to put the book down. And Ken’s “Prayers for the Rest of the Journey” are beautifully expressed in a wonderfully literate form. Heading Home is well worth reading again and often!” – Eldon MacCara, retired chaplain general, CAF

“I love your book of prayers, Ken. I am wondering if anyone else with considerable “life experience,” has ever thought of writing such an amazing compilation of prayers. I think they are brilliant, and I love the bits of humour that you inject here and there — just like you do in life.” –  Ruth Atkinson, retired teacher and librarian.


ISBN: 978-1-77257-238-4 (PB)

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