Giants of Canada’s Ottawa Valley



In this unusual book Joan Finnigan brings to life some of the giants, real and metaphoric, larger-than-life and legendary, who lived their colourful lives and performed their daring deeds in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the Ottawa Valley.  The result of several years of research, fact and legend are fascinatingly interwoven in these tales of Joseph Montferrand, the Giant of the Ottawa River; Laird Archibald MacNab, the Giant of MacNab Township; Alexander MacDonnell, King of the Four Rivers; Rory MacLennan, the Giant of Glengarry; Mountain Jack Thomson, the Gian of Portage-du-Fort; Harry McLean, the Giant Builder from Merrickville.  Some of these stories of the giants, like that of Joseph Montferrand, have passed through all the stages in the evolution of legend and are firmly embedded now in the imaginations of Canadians of both English and French descent on both sides of the Ottawa River; others, like the stories of Alexander MacDonnell, Mountain Jack Thomson, Rory MacLennan, Harry McLean, for the first time in a cohesive manner make their transition from the oral to the written tradition.  Illustrated with rare archival and contemporary photographs, The Giants of Canada’s Ottawa Valley adds grist to the mill of our folk-lorists and historians; will delight young readers and surely captivate the adults.

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