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The Rideau Lakes mystery continues in Gemstones— Provenance of the Stones—Book IV, with Aggie, Drake, Matt, and friends in 1850s Province of Canada, a land they call home…

The harvest is in and they prepare together for another winter…and survival. Shots ring out at Matt’s; Aggie receives letters with curious postmarks;  and Aggie discovers more than curiosities under a glass case. A recipe book has a hidden ingredient—a spice of life…and swirling tea leaves make Aggie wonder…

“The moon shall rise and the moon shall fall but the spring and winter moons foretell all…” What would the solstice reveal? What blessings, warnings, or dreams would manifest? Family? Danger? Hope?

Aggie now knew that “…Not all offerings of help were genuine; not all intentions good; not all love true… But some—rare ones—were honest… ones that inspired dreams and hopes for the future.”

“Heed stones of hearth for secrets deep and search for stone of truths to keep…” her mum foretold. Aggie knew there were a myriad of ways now to interpret her words…like facets on Gemstones.

Gemstones, is the fourth book in Patricia Josefchak’s, Provenance of the Stones series.

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ISBN: 978-1-77257-206-3 (PB)
ISBN: 978-1-77257-207-0 (eBook)

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  1. Tiffany Yemen

    Review by Marla Dowdall

    One true test of a story’s quality and impact, is how well one gets to know its characters. To what degree the reader cares for those characters is also telling.
    After finishing Patricia Josefchak’s Gemstones Provenance of the Stones – Book IV, I was left wondering what the future held for Aggie. For Aggie and Matt and their engagement. For Maybel and Sam – would they continue to thrive and remain safe? I had gotten to know Aggie and her friends and felt at a bit of a loss in turning the last page.
    Through Aggie’s voice the reader gets to know each of the characters surrounding her. The people who matter, her chosen family. Not only does the reader get to know the people, but also the setting as well. Artfully detailed, one could feel the wind in Aggie’s face and the chill in the air as seasons changed from fall through to winter.
    An entirely different time period was gracefully laid out – both from a location perspective to a mindset. A time when roads were rough and trails were a central mode of transportation. Where a journey from Lombardy to Delta, or in to Smiths Falls, was a planned venture. A time where communities and neighbours pulled together to survive. Also a time where a shift in season meant a shift in living arrangements in order to endure.
    From a tumultuous beginning, where a character so consumed with hate shoots Matt, and ends up losing her life, through to a venture into Delta where Aggie’s healing intuition helps a sickly orphan baby. The telling of Aggie’s Halloween evening spent with friends Warren and Sylvia – left the hairs on the back of my neck tingling as Sylvia conversed with spirits.
    As the story transpired, each backdrop was skillfully painted – a Delta from the 1850s was easily pictured. As was the grandeur of the Holiday Fete in Kingston.
    Matt’s connections to the “Railroad” provided a layer of suspense. The undercurrent of the ever present danger of US agents and their efforts in capturing fugitive slaves in Canada added an additional element of worry for the characters.
    From start to finish Patricia has truly captured the reader’s attention, and leaves them thirsting for more.

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