Flying Snakes and Green Turtles ─ Tanzania Up Close

While others gave up on Tanzania in its toughest years, Geoff and Vicky Fox invested in it. Laced with humour, their unusual love story touches, in personal anecdotes, on international events: Tea Wars and Nazis, international Oil Shocks and ivory poaching.

It follows little orphaned Felisita, who, at the age of eleven, defies her fate by heading off alone to seek treatment for HIV/AIDS; and it profiles the Fox NGO’s fight to alleviate the impact of this  devastating disease.

From Mufindi’s panoramic isolation through vast hinterlands, it also highlights Geoff and Vicky’s  valiant efforts to preserve Tanzania’s wildlife heritage and create a growing tourism enterprise.

Evelyn Voigt (raised in Mufindi and a long-time friend of the Foxes) is a poet; and when a poet writes prose, you have the best of two worlds.
— Jane Karchmar

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