Finer Than Hair on a Frog ─ More Yarns about Loggers and the Like

The plates are scraped and the smokes are lit, so it’s time to pull up a chair in the old bunkhouse and swap some tales.

This time, in addition to his beloved Algonquin Park, the popular author of Holy Old Whistlin’—Yarns about Algonquin Park Loggers takes us north to Algoma and east to the Laurentians, not to mention “inbacka” a few other places in between. Familiar characters, such as Jack McRae and Johnny Shaw, pop in for a word or two, while new faces, such as Tony Vorlicek, Art Chapman, Charlie Downing and Oscar MacDougall, set themselves down and make themselves to home.

Brent Connelly spent nearly forty years as a forester in Ontario’s Algonquin and Lake Superior Parks. During that time, he had the good fortune of hearing and watching some wonderfully entertaining stories unfold, most of them exchanged around lunch fires while drinking numerous mugs of strong tea.

For as Brent says, “You know that you are having a good day when you are greeted by somebody who tells you that they are finer than hair on a frog.” This collection of tales will have you getting out your magnifying glass, it’s so fine.

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