Escape to Paradise


Günter Speckmann grew up in a small town in central Germany. He was eleven when his town was liberated by US troops of the 2nd Armored Division, known as Hell on Wheels. The strong impression they made lasted through the subsequent Soviet occupation and the creation of the East German communist state. The cage was locked and he and his family were inside it.

At the age of 21, Günter found a way to break out of that cage and courageously started a new life in the free world.

In West Germany he again encountered members of Hell on Wheels. They suggested he consider life in America. For Günter, grasping available opportunities brought him to Canada.

Life in Canada was yet another kind of adventure — finding the good life — finding paradise.


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  1. Tiffany Yemen

    Great book and well written. Ignites curiosity. The reader wants to know what comes next. Interesting photos appear throughout the text.
    Good war story and inspiring comments regarding immigration.

    H. Muller

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