DUEL: A Dramatization of the Duel Between Robert Lyon and John Wilson in Perth, Upper Canada, June 13, 1833


Much has been written about the fatal duel between John Wilson and Robert Lyon that took place in Perth, Ontario, June 13, 1833. Much has been written ─ but apparently not all has been revealed. Author David Mulholland claims to have uncovered an account written fifty years after the duel. It was written at the request of John Watson, a Professor of Moral and Mental Philosophy (Psychology) at Queen’s University in Kingston.

The day before the duel, Lyon agreed to apologize for assaulting Wilson if the latter would acknowledge that the letter he had sent from Bytown (Ottawa) was not intended to denigrate Lyon’s character. But on the morning of the duel, Lyon reneged on his promise. Why? The belief is that Lyon’s Second, Henry Lelievre, convinced him to meet Wilson on the Field of Honour. But is that what really happened? The answer lies within.

ISBN: 978-1-897508-39-8

Author’s other titles:
Chaudière Falls
In the Shadow of the Assassin

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3 reviews for DUEL: A Dramatization of the Duel Between Robert Lyon and John Wilson in Perth, Upper Canada, June 13, 1833

  1. Tiffany Yemen

    It was a joy to read DUEL. What really appealed to me was the way the writer of the
    report (Mulholland?) fought to remember the details surrounding the event 50 years
    later. The novel affords us some interesting and compelling insights into rural life in the
    1800s. 
    (Dr.) John Jones

  2. Tiffany Yemen

    The blacksmith’s description (DUEL) of small town gossip and rivalries gave me a look
    into life in a small town at that time. The hand-written examples of his essay are a nice
    touch. His complaints about his arthritis added credibility to the story. 
    Moe L.

  3. Tiffany Yemen

    In DUEL, using a manuscript discovered 50 years after the event, written by an
    unnamed individual who played a prominent role in the last fatal duel in Upper Canada,
    the author brings to light the circumstances that led to the tragic death of Robert Lyon at
    the hand of his former friend and fellow law student, John Wilson. For history buffs like
    myself, this short dramatized report is “a very satisfying read!” 
    Charles Fairhall

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