Deadly Tricks


Deadly Tricks is an unapologetic look into the lives of numerous extraordinary street level survival sex workers in a midsized Canadian city, and the ever present threat of violence that stalks them. From a domestic human trafficking victim, to forced sex work, and survival sex work, this novel allows the reader to rethink the stereotypical portrayals so often depicted.

The novel centres around Rebecca, a former survival sex worker, who is haunted by her previous life and the lives of her fallen and forgotten colleagues. With a resurgence of disappearing and murdered “Belles of the Boulevard,” Rebecca is forced to face her past and find strength she never imagined possible.

As Rebecca begins a search for one of the serial killers who plagues the shadows and preys on the vulnerable, she quickly finds a strength that she never knew she possessed. Rebecca’s insight into poverty, chronic homelessness, and structured inequality serve her hunt for justice well. Ultimately, she finds a way to empower and provide concrete support for a marginalized community of survival sex workers.

Author Profile:  Kimberley Mansfield



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