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Capital Recollections A Baby Boomer Growing Up In Ottawa, written by Bruce MacGregor, is a humourous, affectionate look at Ottawa in the 1950s and ’60s that will transport baby boomers back to those memorable days of childhood and adolescence. Revisit the birth of television and rock ‘n roll, and remember the many Ottawa personalities in the media, music and sports from that unique period of astonishing growth and change.

These should ring a bell for Ottawa boomers: Cradle League Hockey; Elvis rocking the Auditorium; Squirrels v. Yohawks; the Ottawa Exhibition; Saturday Date on CJOH television; the Pigskin Parade at Lansdowne Park, and much more.

And for boomers everywhere: dating rituals, cars, clothing, fads, movies and other facets of life in the ’50s and ’60s will take you back to your youth regardless of where you grew up.

Even younger readers will be amused and perhaps even astonished at various aspects of their grandparents’ lives in the mid-twentieth century: only one TV channel; drive-in movies; 78,45 and LP records; every grade 13 student (grade 13!) in Ontario writing the same exam on the same day for 100% of the year’s mark – all difficult for today’s teenagers to imagine.

An entertaining time trip through local history, ’50s and ’60s trivia and amusing personal anecdotes.

What readers are saying about Capital Recollections

“If you’re a Boomer, Capital Recollections will ring your bell. It rang mine, and I’m not even a Boomer! MacGregor’s invocation of a special time is on the money.” – Brian Doyle, author

Capital Recollections allowed me to walk down memory lane. I had forgotten some of the events that Bruce mentioned in his book, so revisiting those memories was heart warming and nostalgic. Those who have bought the book have echoed the same sentiment, thoroughly enjoying those days of our youth.” – Rick Farrah

” Bruce MacGregor’s book was written in a comfortable manner, with nostalgic memories clearly expressed. Even though I did not grow up in Ottawa, the book captivated me and brought me back to my childhood and mostly happy teenage years. I would definitely recommend this delightful read to baby boomers and people of all ages. The photographs used in the book were reminiscent of the times and places described so well and added even more enjoyment. Once I started to read Capital Recollections, I couldn’t put it down.” – Naomi Lipsky-Cracow

Capital Recollections is a must read for anyone who was a teenager growing up in Ottawa in the 1960s. Bruce MacGregor absolutely nails that experience with this book.” – Tom Deacon

“Bruce MacGregor has captured the culture and times of growing up in Ottawa in the early 1950s to the mid ’60s in his memoir Capital Recollections. This memoir is a little gem. Bruce’s vignettes cover a variety of trends (television, music, clothing, hair styles) and topics (sports, school, life in the “new” suburbs) as well as trivia and descriptions of Canada’s capital of sixty years ago. In addition, Bruce’s stories reflect the safety of the times as well as the respect for authority – both at home and at school. This charming book is a “must read” for all Boomers, especially those who grew up in Ottawa.” – Fran Kesler


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