Calabogie: Timber, Trains, and Tourists


Many people have heard of Calabogie. It has become a well-known tourist destination with activities for every season of the year. Visitors and residents are enchanted by the splendour of the lake, the breathtaking views, and relaxing hospitality. Even its name seems magical.

But how many know about the rich history and heritage of this gem in the Ottawa Valley along the Madawaska River? How many know about the highs and lows of the local economy? The various eras this little village and area have gone through? The trouble and toils of the earliest settlers? The joys and celebrations in everyday life?

Come travel through the pages of Calabogie: Timber, Trains, and Tourists, where author Irene Robillard has chronicled the last 200 years of life around Calabogie Lake. Journey through the square-timber era, the coming of the K & P railway, the creation of the village of Calabogie, the damming of the waters for hydroelectric power, and the construction of the first lodges and resorts, leading to today’s world-class tourist destination. Woven through the pages of this history are the characters, calamities, and the celebrations, along with over 120 photos, plus maps, poetry, and tables.


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