Brothers In Montebello


Brothers In Montebello by Shawn Urlocker

Reminiscences of a reformed juvenile delinquent.

The story is set in a boarding school in the politically charged province of 1970s Quebec, a time that once was but is no longer. It truly was the Old School, run by Irish Catholic Brothers, who comfortably employed ‘old school’ methods.
Presentation High school in Montebello was a ‘last chance’ for Montreal’s most incorrigible youth, while also offering a quality education for “regular lads”.
Students went on to become corporate CEOs, bankers, accountants, engineers and entrepreneurs. But some rose within the ranks of the Hell’s Angels, others robbed banks and stole cars.
Tragedy and triumph, redemption and second chances: a Darwinian culture indeed.
This book is dedicated to all the lads who ever ­attended any such infamous institution.

“Anyone who wonders how they made it out of high school alive will find themselves in Shawn Urlocker’s disturbing and delighting memoir, Brothers in Montebello.” – Roy MacGregor, author


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