Boogie’s Law


Boogie’s Law: A Westport Story – Book One by Robert Ainsworth

When Rodney Bond of Lilly Lane discovers that his mind-bending cat treats have been stolen by a pair of anarchist kittens, he and his best friend, Chico Grande, resolve to get them back. Events, however, quickly spiral out of control, as they become entangled in the affairs of a murderous gangster named Boogie Slides, his lieutenant Demetrius, and Boogie’s hated rival, Bobby Bones. Chico and Rodney must navigate a complex world in which nothing can be taken for granted, and no one is who they seem.

Before the end of the day, everyone wants Rodney’s treats, the kittens are slated for execution, and a conspiracy is revealed that may see Boogie Slides toppled from his place at the top of Westport’s underworld.

Caught up in the maelstrom of scheming, double-dealing, and betrayal are Chico and Rodney, the unlikeliest of unlikely heroes. Over the course of a single momentous day, the choices they make and the sides they take will change their lives, and the fate of Westport, forever.

ISBN: 978-1-77257-319-0 (PB)

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