And There Shall Be No Holds Barred


And There Shall Be No Holds Barred by James Ogle

Meet Terry Cameron, the most dangerous human on the planet, a monster in human form, borne of a childhood atrocity and welded into a fighting dog that walks on two legs. He is a lifelong serial killer with over one hundred deaths on his hands, his weapon of choice, an ancient and almost forgotten martial art, once at home in the sand filled gladiatorial arenas of Greece and Rome, saturated in blood and screams, now unleashed on a city under siege.

Meet Terry Cameron, executioner, whose only joy is the extermination of his chosen victims, the human predators, perpetrators of horrific crimes against the innocent. Upon them he uses his pitiless knowledge of thousands of years of deadly techniques, honed to a razor’s edge. They beg for the release of death under his relentless rending of muscle and bone.

Meet Terry Cameron, a modern Frankenstein’s monster; a human bulldog sent into the pits, a mercenary killing all he deems guilty.

And ultimately, meet Terry the man, the only hope his city has.


ISBN: 978-1-77257-307-7(PB)
ISBN: 978-1-77257-308-4 (eBook) – To be released at a later date


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